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Glenwood Hot Springs Featured in Denver Post Roundup of Historic Hot Springs

Freelance writer and travel expert Joshua Berman and his family spent three weeks visiting Colorado’s historic hot springs. One of the final soaks of their trip was at Glenwood Hot Springs. “We

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Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Named a Top 10 Hotel Pool by USA Today

The Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge scored a fourth place finish for Best Hotel Pool in the most recent round of USA Today and Readers’ Choice Awards. On Friday, August 5, USA Today and

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Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Nominated by USA Today

Nominated by an expert panel of travel editors at USA Today, Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge is among an elite group of 20 properties vying for a top spot in the category of Best Hotel Pool. Last

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Glenwood Hot Springs Named “Best Pool” by Sunset Magazine & USA Today

In just the past month, Glenwood Hot Springs has made quite a splash in the media spotlight. Most recently, Sunset Magazine announced the winners of its first ever Sunset Travel Awards, naming

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GSPI Features Story about New Geothermal Upgrades

The world’s largest geothermally heated hotel, which happens to be connected to the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, is in the middle of a major upgrade to its 30-year-old heating system.

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