Get on the Ball. Or the Yoga Mat.

Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club offers several types of group fitness classes including low- and high-impact aerobics classes, yoga, Pilates, and spinning. And certified, professional personal fitness trainers are available by appointment. Wellness is more than a state of mind, it is a state of being.


A method of physical fitness that uses the mind to control the muscles, the Pilates approach to well-being involves strengthening your core. These core postures provide balance and spinal strength through breathing, concentration, muscle discipline, precision and flow of movement.

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Spinning builds endurance, strength and lean muscles, all while burning calories. A low impact exercise, spinning is gentle on joints too. Supercharge your next workout with an Athletic Club spinning class.

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Swim Fit

Add this class to your fitness routine for overall toning and improved core strength in a non-impact environment. Please note, Swim Fit classes are fee-based; participants can register at the Athletic Club front desk or by calling 970-947-2953.

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Unite your mind and body in a spiritual transformation led by our certified yoga instructors. You will tone and elongate your muscles while freeing your thoughts in mindful meditation and breathing practices. Yoga has been an integral part of a complete wellness approach for centuries.

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