Yippee! Sopris Splash Zone is Open

Kids and adults are splashing, playing and whooping it up like never before at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, where the new Sopris Splash Zone recently opened.

Not since the opening of the award-winning Spa of the Rockies in 2008, has there been so much excitement and anticipation in Glenwood Springs surrounding the historic hot springs resort. After months of planning, prepping and testing, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort allowed the first riders down the Shoshone Chutes on Saturday, July 13.

Onlookers could hear the happy giggles as riders navigated the 3-minute long ride from top to bottom for the first time. “After so much waiting it was gratifying to see the first kids come down Shoshone Chutes with the biggest grins on their faces,” Director of Operations for Glenwood Hot Springs Kevin Flohr said. “After a lot of laughing, the first words out of their mouths were, ‘that was awesome’ and ‘let’s do it again.’ In the few days since opening, the ride has seen non-stop action.”

“The Sopris Splash Zone is what Glenwood Hot Springs envisioned—a family-friendly resort experience with modern features that uniquely represent the Rocky Mountain West and complement our 130 years of rich history rooted in an authentic European hot springs spa tradition,” said Kjell Mitchell, Glenwood Hot Springs President and Chief Executive Officer.

Designed to mimic a Colorado whitewater rafting experience, Shoshone Chutes’ “walls” resemble rock formations in Glenwood Canyon. Similarly, the fast-moving river ride is interspersed with smooth sections followed by frothy, fast-moving “whitewater.” Riders descend on tubes, either single or double, and have the option to get out partway through before entering faster-moving sections or they can hang on for the full duration of the ride. After a series of rapids, the ride gently deposits tubers into a large wading pool at the bottom where a lifeguard ensures a safe exit.

Another fun feature of the Sopris Splash Zone is Hanging Lake, named after the famed falls and hiking trail also in Glenwood Canyon. Kids can play in the zero-depth-entry pool and wade under the cascading falls for refreshing fun. Taking cues from the real-life experience, guests can even walk behind the falls just as they can behind the falls at Spouting Rock, a side hike near Hanging Lake. Kid’s slides and interactive play features keep this an area of perpetual motion for kids of all ages. For the youngest visitors, another zero-depth entry pool is situated beneath an expansive pergola, which provides dappled shade for tender, sun-sensitive skin. 

The one area that is still under construction is the Grand Fountain which will be open within a few short weeks. During the day the fountain will spray water 7 feet in the air, providing a fun and interactive area for visitors to cool off. After hours, it will be illuminated and soar to 17 feet, easily visible to guests at the resort as well as to passersby on the Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge. The fountain will be open year-round and feature lighting displays that add to seasonal celebrations throughout the year.

The Sopris Splash Zone is now open daily through the summer and into the fall as weather permits. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is no additional fee to use the new attractions in the Sopris Splash Zone.