Glenwood Hot Springs Names New Attractions and Gives Update on Aquatic Park Construction

Get ready; it’s full speed ahead! Glenwood Hot Springs Resort names its new aquatic features and makes the final push toward completion in July.

Just weeks away from a July opening, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is a beehive these days, buzzing with activity both on-site and in meeting rooms. Even to casual observers, the enormity of the progress is unmistakable! Where there were once waterslides and a miniature golf course, a curvy spillway is taking shape. Behind the scenes, the resort has landed on the final names for each area of its new aquatic park.

What’s in a Name?

The transformation of the west end of the pool will add an exciting, forward-leaning dimension to Glenwood’s premier hot springs attraction, but equally important for the 131-year-old resort was tying the new elements in with both the region’s and the resort’s storied past. “When we were choosing the names for the various new areas and attractions, we wanted to pique the interest of our visitors about the special people and places that have made Glenwood Springs the town it is today,” Vice President and COO of Glenwood Hot Springs, John Bosco, said. “We hope by doing so, it enhances our guests’ experience by giving them a deeper appreciation and understanding of our history as a Western Colorado town.”

The entire west end of the property beyond the deep end of the pool will be called the Sopris Splash Zone in honor of Captain Richard Sopris, who first explored the area in 1868. The highly anticipated whitewater rafting thrill ride has been dubbed Shoshone Chutes, an adventure river ride inspired by whitewater rapids on the Colorado River. Taking its cue from the natural wonder in Glenwood Canyon, the new waterfall-fed pool below the river ride will be known as Hanging Lake, while the grassy picnicking area will be the Devereux Lawn—after the visionary builder of both the hot springs pool and the Hotel Colorado. The zero-depth-entry splash pad with a fountain will be called the Grand Fountain, a moniker that recalls both the original name of the Colorado River and Glenwood’s main thoroughfare. Each area will feature interpretive signs that provide regional and historical details for visitors.

Glenwood Hot Springs Construction Progress

The most notable transformation is the area that once housed the pool’s brightly colored water slides and miniature golf. The course of the new Shoshone Chutes river ride is clearly visible; concrete forms have given way to realistic-looking rocks that mimic a craggy Colorado mountain. Ride highlights include:

  • Options to descend in either one or two person tubes.
  • From the launching pool, riders will drop into the whitewater. A channel of quick turns, obstacles and contours creates fast-moving rapids engineered to maximize rider thrill and excitement. 
  • At the halfway point, riders have the option to exit if they’ve had enough excitement or they can continue through the second half with another swift, steep drop and more rapids.
  • In total, the Shoshone Chutes ride is about 700 feet long with a total run time of about 2.5-3 minutes and a rate of 5 mph. Fast moving rapids are interspersed with calm areas to gather and regroup.
  • Above all, the river is designed as an activity that can be experienced and shared by friends and family.


The pergola covering in the Sopris Splash Zone which is near both the landing pool of the Shoshone Chutes adventure ride and the Hanging Lake pool has been completed. It will provide dappled shade over a zero-depth play pool. Fine finishes, including porcelain benches, soft surface Life Floor padding and stainless-steel rails will be among the final installations before opening.

Behind-the-scenes, work continues to install the pumps and other relevant equipment to make the new aquatic features function when the time comes. In advance of opening, the resort’s managerial and pool staff are prepping with training on how to welcome and introduce guests to the new aspect of the resort.

New Sopris Splash Zone to Open Soon

With little impact to visitors, Glenwood Hot Springs Pool remains fully open throughout the final phase of construction. Though no date has been selected yet, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort’s new Sopris Splash Zone is anticipated to open in July. There is no additional fee for access to the entire Sopris Splash Zone.

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