Healing Stories

Keeping Me Healthy!

Submitted by: Polly Jo Malehorn

Healing Stories

I moved to Glenwood Springs in 1978 to go to CMC (also known as see me ski). I was always very active skiing, biking, teaching aerobics, etc. until I found out I had MS in 1983. So, I realized... Read More

The Hot Springs Kept Me Sane

Submitted by: Mary Eshbaugh Hayes

Healing Stories

I moved to Aspen from the Finger Lakes Country of upstate New York in 1952. I had grown up on Conesus Lake so swimming was part of my DNA. Luckily, the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool was there and... Read More

Glenwood is Me.

Submitted by: Jessica

Healing Stories

I can't express my love for Glenwood Hot Springs. I don't even know where to begin. This town helped raise me and helped shape me into who I am today. I have come here to escape the hustle... Read More

The Springs Gave Me Life

Submitted by: Laura Gregg

Healing Stories

If the Glenwood Hot Springs did not exist neither would my father or I. Three generations of my family are forever grateful because of the healing properties of the hot springs. A very famous... Read More

3 Tired Snowboarders Stumble Upon the Springs

Submitted by: Clark Richardes

Healing Stories

My friends and I have been coming out to Colorado to snowboard every spring break since high school. We all are from South Bend, IN. Now in college, Indiana University and Purdue, money is tight.... Read More

The Reward for Having Homework Done


Healing Stories

I was a young, single mother of two lovely children and we had moved to Glenwood Springs to get away from the city and its problems. Glenwood Hot Springs has healed over 4 generations of my family... Read More

Down Memory Lane

Submitted by: Kerry Murray

Healing Stories

I have terminal cancer. My husband and I did a lot of reading of the therapy, natural therapy and about everything you could imagine - the pools and the original medicinal pool, located right... Read More

Warm and Inviting

Submitted by: Olen Harston

Healing Stories

My wife brought me up to Glenwood Hot Springs for a relaxing birthday weekend. We really enjoyed the pools (warm and relaxing), the views (sun and beautiful snow capped mountains), the food... Read More


Upcoming Pool Maintenance Dates

Know before you go! We close the pool five times a year for maintenance.  Read More

•  September 12th, 2018
•  November 6th - 7th, 2018
•  January 16th, 2019
•  March 6th, 2019
•  April 16th - 17th, 2019