East End Expansion Project

The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is excited to share the renderings for the East End Expansion Project with the public! We are creating a unique swimming area with the addition of 5 new swimming pools, a shaded area, and the return of the Drinking Spring. As with our existing pools, all of the water for the new pools will come from our Source Spring and will vary in temperature. The Expansion Project does not affect the existing pools and will remain open from 9 am to 9 pm. We hope to have the Expansion Project completed in 2024! 


What is the expansion project on the east end of the property?

We are excited to announce that renovations are underway to create a unique swimming area with an additional 5 swimming pools, reopening of the drinking spring, and an additional shaded area.


What kind of pools are you building?

We are building a unique swimming area with varying water temperatures. The new swimming area will add a hot plunge & a cold plunge pool, an infinity edge pool, a grotto-like pool with a waterfall as well as another pool featuring a waterfall.


Will the new pools use water from the Source Spring?

Yes. As with our existing pools, all water for the new pools will come from our Source Spring.


How long will the expansion take?

Teams are working tirelessly to complete the project both safely and adhering to current codes. We hope to complete the expansion by 2024.


Why is there fencing at the east end of the property?

The fencing is there to provide both a safety barrier as well as a sound barrier to our guests while we are in the expansion phase of the remodel.


Are the other pools still open during the Expansion?

Yes! The pools will remain unaffected by construction and are open for regular hours 9 am – 9 pm.


Are we running out of water?

No, absolutely not. Keeping the Source Spring protected during the expansion process is a top priority.


Is the Source Spring under construction?

No, the Source Spring is not under construction and will be protected during the expansion process.


Can the public access the Drinking Spring?

No, during the expansion process the Drinking Spring will be closed to the public and to our guests.