Kelley's Corner - Summer Sun

The summer’s sun has been a blast of fun for everyone! But, with kids returning to school this month, family and work schedules shifting, and fall sports beginning “time” for personal self and well-being may have to shift. Prioritization, consistency, and volume related to personal health might prove to be a challenge this month.  Individuals looking to maintain cardiovascular fitness during the heat are encouraged to try a cycling class. Club members looking to maintain their musculoskeletal strength and bone density are encouraged to connect with a personal trainer for gym orientations on equipment use.  Personal trainers are also available for private training sessions that will encourage, motivate, and guide individuals.

Remember, it’s not about having time but instead about making time. Instead of health and fitness becoming transparent during this month of transitions try maintaining self-awareness towards personal well-being. Self-awareness is like the sun. When it shines, it transforms!