Sunday FUNday at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Skip the weekend couch potato sports routine and dive into a new ritual: Sunday soaking at Glenwood Hot Springs!

Don’t sideline your weekends. Football season is just kicking off. From opening day through January there are 256 NFL games to watch in the regular season, many of which hijack the weekend, particularly Sundays. While we’ve got nothing against die-hard sports fanatics—go Broncos! —we know not everyone is a fan. If that’s you, it’s time to make a move of your own and do something different: reclaim Sunday for yourself.

Time for a new game plan. While everyone else is holed up at home or at the bar watching the game and snacking on chips, wings and beer, pull a sneak play and head to Glenwood Hot Springs for a long, soothing soak. From coin toss to the final countdown—three hours with no commercial breaks—is plenty of time to unwind, relax and recharge for the week ahead. With fewer visitors and fabulous weather through most of football season, Sundays are an ideal time to float, swim and soak in the world’s largest hot springs pool. We’ve also got better snacks. Enjoy delicious wraps, salads and even a glass of wine at our poolside restaurant, The Grill. If time permits, run offense on relaxation with a muscle-melting treatment at the award-winning Spa of the Rockies. You make the call—massage, facial, nails or all three!

Bring the heat. As a star Colorado geothermal hot spring destination, bringing the heat is something Glenwood Hot Springs knows all about. Our water leaves the source spring at 122°F. We cool it down to 104°F for the Therapy Pool and 93°F for the big pool. The water is chock-full of 15 healing minerals that combined with the liquid heat work wonders on stress and sore muscles. Need more intensity? Call in special teams with the Spa’s body wrap treatments which use heat to both detoxify and hydrate the body. Reliable players include A Walk in the Woods and Native Awakening both part of our “Indigenous Experiences” offerings, as well as the Wild Honey Steam Wrap and the Rocky Mountain Mud Wrap.

Win the day, whatever it takes. If the best way to get your way is take your team on the road, do it! Sports-crazed family members can watch the game from the comfort of one of our guest rooms at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, while you soak away in the sunshine. Guest rooms feature large screen TVs and plenty of places to plug in if keeping tabs on multiple games simultaneously is important. Another perk: rates drop for Sunday night stays. If your family QB prefers a more social setting for viewing, downtown Glenwood Springs is a short stroll over the nearby pedestrian bridge with plenty of game-watching restaurants and bars readily available.

To score a perfect, peaceful, restorative weekend afternoon on any given Sunday, turn game day into your own Sunday FUNday at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

The Lodge and Athletic Club are ready to open! 
We’ve been working diligently with City, County and State officials developing safety programs and exploring new ways for you to visit. 
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