Hot Springs & Healing Benefits

Sure, soaking in geothermal water feels fantastic, but do the mineral-rich waters like those at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort have therapeutic qualities? You tell us!

Hot springs are indeed a hot commodity. People across the globe, from all cultures and walks of life, seek out geothermal springs for a variety of reasons. Soaking in the naturally heated water is a wonderfully relaxing experience. At Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, two enormous hot springs pools—one a soothing 104°F and the other a comfortable 93°F—invite guests to both relax and play, yet many guests also come to the world-famous resort in Glenwood Springs specifically to partake of its healing properties.

Geothermal waters are chock-full of dissolved minerals that come from deep within the earth. Each mineral possesses unique properties, offering guests a mix of wellness benefits simply by soaking. The water at Glenwood Hot Springs contains 15 health-boosting minerals that come from a source spring called Yampah—meaning Big Medicine—in the Native American Ute language.

Health Benefits of the Minerals in Glenwood Hot Springs

  • Boron strengthens bones and aids in brain function
  • Calcium promotes healthy bones and overall health
  • Sodium is an electrolyte that plays a pivotal role in enzyme operations and nerve and muscle function
  • Sulfate relieves pain and is essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Lithium elevates the mood and produces a sense of calm
  • Potassium is vital for heart and kidney health
  • Fluoride is excellent for the health of bones and teeth
  • Chloride helps regulate blood pressure and pH in the body
  • Magnesium increases energy levels
  • Manganese contributes to healthy bone growth
  • Iron is vital for blood health and increases resistance to disease
  • Zinc boosts the immune and digestive systems
  • Phosphate is critical for energy storage and metabolism
  • Silica is a known remedy for thinning hair
  • Nitrogen is another mineral that’s good for skin, hair and nails

Hot Springs Can Help in Recovery

Soaking in the hot springs to absorb the healing benefits of the minerals is certainly effective, but a largely passive activity. Some patrons choose to add therapeutic movement to aid in their recovery from both major and minor injuries. Though doctors won’t necessarily write prescriptions to soak at Glenwood Hot Springs, patients often turn to hot springs for self-directed, post-surgery rehabilitation. Nate White was one such patron.

In 2017, at 32 years old, he suffered a catastrophic kayaking injury that left his legs paralyzed. “It’s great to be able to move around in that water,” White said. “The heat is good for stretching and the minerals aid in muscle health. Our bodies were made to move. Even if a part is paralyzed, it’s important to exercise for circulation, digestion, osteo-health and neurological function.”

In addition to efficacious minerals, the buoyancy of the water—combined with the relaxing heat—make hot springs the perfect location to practice physical therapy exercises with a doctor’s approval and after any incisions have healed.

If you’re still wondering about hot springs healing powers, find out for yourself at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.