Go with Gratitude

Go with Gratitude

Beginning with the ultimate count-your-blessings holiday—Thanksgiving—the months toward the end of the year are ideal for acknowledging our good fortune and abundant blessings, especially our family and friends.

While filled with cheer, the holidays are a flurry of hustle and bustle, of list making and shopping, fancy food and finishing touches. Why go to all the trouble, some might wonder? Most of us run ourselves ragged between Thanksgiving and the New Year. We don’t do it for ourselves, but rather to bring joy to others. What we often don’t realize is that while the perfect present might be illusive, spending time with loved ones is truly the gift that matters most—the one for which we are almost always most grateful.

Hospitality that Says Thank You

As a destination getaway in the Colorado mountains, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is itself a bustling place over the holidays. Who do we do it for? You, our guests.

We’ve been busy trimming the trees all over the grounds with holiday lights that illuminate the night sky. Our colorful new fountain, part of the Sopris Splash Zone at the west end of the Pool, is a work of wintery art. At the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, we’ve tucked the covers and fluffed the pillows. Our hard-working elves—from the therapists at the Spa of the Rockies to the lifeguards patrolling the deck, and the fitness instructors at the Athletic Club to the front desk staff at the Lodge—are all waiting to welcome you for a relaxing change of pace. Imagine a holiday where what’s exchanged is less about things and more about memories, laughter and love.

Family: What it’s All About

Aside from the mineral-rich waters that feel so good and magically soothe both sore muscles and stressed out psyches, a family winter vacation to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is all about feeling the warmth—of both the world’s largest hot springs pool and of those you love the most—all at a very special time of year.

Where else can you play a game of catch with the kids in a giant pool even on the coldest winter days? Soak, swim and play on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and even Christmas Day? Ring in the New Year, surrounded by families just like yours all soaking wet, yet staying warm and toasty? Instead of another toy, necktie or turtleneck, give each other the gift of time well spent and memories made at Glenwood Hot Springs.

Gratitude: A Change of Perspective

At its essence, gratitude is simply being thankful for what you have, which includes taking time out from the spinning, whirling days to stop and intentionally notice the good stuff. It’s not any different for us. Though Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is over 130 years old, we’re still mesmerized by the dance of the steam hovering above the pool on cold evenings. We love nothing more than to go out of our way to help guests. Our staff never ceases to amaze us with their skill and dedication. Most of all, though, we’re grateful to you, our guests who come to soak, relax and make enduring memories with family and friends.

Make time for what matters most this holiday season at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. Make your November and December reservations to stay today.

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