Does Hot Spring Water Damage Bathing Suits?

That gorgeous new swimsuit is perfect for your vacation to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, but now you’re wondering does hot springs water damage bathing suits? Relax. The water is fine—for you and your new bathing suit.

Swimsuits may not consist of a lot of fabric, but those bits of stretchy spandex and elastic come at a hefty price tag, often upwards of $150 for a women’s one-piece. Wondering if that flattering bikini or just-perfect-for-you maillot can stand up to the minerals and heat of the world-famous hot springs is a legitimate concern.

The geothermal water at Glenwood Hot Springs water ranges from 98°F to 104°F and it contains 15 dissolved minerals. The combination is what makes the water so wonderfully relaxing and healing. Fortunately, you can also breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to your suit. The minerals in the hot springs water is no more damaging to bathing suits than chlorinated pools, saltwater or hot tubs. However, there are a few keys to keeping it in pristine condition.

6 Tips for Longer Lasting Swimwear

  1. After you’re done enjoying the soothing and rejuvenating waters, be sure to thoroughly rinse your swimsuit in cool water. For further protection, consider showering between dips in the pool to remove minerals, sunscreen and sweat caught in the fabric.
  2. The best way to dry your wet suit after rinsing is to simply roll it up in a towel and gently squeeze out the excess water. This will help your suit to hold its original shape longer and reduce the wear-and-tear on the fabric.
  3. At home, skip machine washing. Think of your suit as fine lingerie and hand wash it using a detergent designed for swimwear or for delicate items.
  4. Don’t hang your suit. Lay it flat and air dry. Baking it in the sun will deteriorate the spandex and cause fading.
  5. For multiple days of swimming at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, bring a spare suit and rotate between the two. Spandex has “memory,” and it can take up to a full day for it to “remember” its original form.
  6. Mind where you sit. Swimsuits can easily get snagged, especially on the bum. To avoid little tears and pilling that come from abrasion, try to always seat your bottom on a towel.

Caring for your swimsuit has more to do with how you treat it during and after your swim in any pool. If you follow these tips, your new bathing suit will keep you looking good and serve you well all summer long.

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By the way... you look great in that new suit!