Breaking Ground: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Begins Work on New Water Park

The world’s largest hot springs pool is adding an aquatic park to its roster of attractions and construction on the project is underway.

Glenwood Hot Springs recently unveiled plans for a major addition to the historic geothermal resort in Glenwood Springs, Colo. Construction crews broke ground on the project in late October. Currently, Pre-Phase One consists of removing the existing waterslides, mini-golf course and laying essential groundwork for plumbing on the northwest side of the property.

“Much of the work we are doing now involves pipes and systems going deep in the ground. We want to ensure they perform for many years to come with new attractions like the fountain and kids swim-and-play area to be built above them,” said Kevin Flohr, Director of Operations for Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

Gould Construction and water resource engineering firm Zancanella & Associates, both local companies, are forging ahead to get as much foundational work done as possible before the snow flies and impedes progress. Already, in just a short period of time, they have installed many feet of thick vitreous clay pipe as part of the plan.

The yet-to-be-named new aquatic attraction at the west end of the resort will showcase a theme-park quality ride experience featuring a fast-moving adventure river with cascading tiers, boulders and extensive landscaping. As riders descend, they’ll navigate twists, turns and encounter quite a few surprises along the way. “The new adventure river is a custom-designed tube ride in keeping with the family-oriented Colorado outdoor experience,” Glenwood Hot Springs CEO and President Kjell Mitchell said in a press release.

While the adventure river will be a main attraction near the deep end of the pool, it won’t be the only one; the entire area will be revamped to create a modern fun zone for families and children. Planned features include a waterfall that flows into a children’s pool, interactive play elements, a zero-depth entry toddler pool with a shade structure and a splash pad with a fountain focal point. At night, after the children’s area closes, the fountain will become an eye-catching geyser-like centerpiece. The resort will have the ability to vary the height of the spray and adjust lighting according the season—red and blue for the Fourth of July, red and green at the holidays. Other planned amenities include new restrooms and family locker rooms.

To make room for the new water park, Glenwood Hot Springs is in the process of removing the miniature golf course and water slides. Over the years, both have been favorite attractions for kids of all ages. The 18-hole course provided hours of putt-putt fun for families and the hydroslides, nearly 20 years old, were an invigorating way to cool off on hot summer days. The resort’s new aquatic park will offer visitors fresh new ways to have fun in the Colorado sun!

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is open year-round for soaking and relaxation. Learn more and make lodging reservations at www.hotspringspool.com.