Cooling My French Fries!

When I was almost 5 years old, my Dad brought me to Glenwood's Pool to give my Mom & little Brother a breather. We stayed in a "Turret" room on the Eastside of the Lodge. We had driven over from Denver and we were in time for an "Afternoon" swim. I remember my Dad gentle tossing me into the Shallow end and telling me to swim! I would "Paddle" to the side of the Pool and grab a hold of the big rope that ran around the entire Pool. We decided to have Dinner at the "Snack Bar". I was allowed to have a Hamburger w/Fries and a Vanilla Shake. My Dad was talking to the Lodge's General Manager (an old friend of his). My fries were "Hot". So while they were talking, I spied a very Large Fan that was being used to cool the Snack Bar. Being curious, I took my plate over to a Table near the Fan, and began to hold them up and let the "Fan" cool them off. It worked! My Father's friend was so impressed that he gave our Family a 3 year Pool Pass! What a reward, and a very Special memory!