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Twice as Nice: Four Hands Medley Massage at Spa of the Rockies

Double your bliss with a Four Hands Medley Massage, part of Spa of the Rockies’ new collection of massage and body treatments.

Imagine yourself in a treatment room at the award-winning Spa of the Rockies. You close your eyes while not one, but two massage therapists perform slow movements with varying degrees of pressure, all choreographed on your skin—the ideal blank canvas. Their movements have a threefold purpose: to help you relax, unwind, and reduce stress. One therapist takes the lead, while the other mimics the motion on your opposite side. In tandem, their movements are so well coordinated that you lose track of which therapist is performing what motions. Ultimately, you surrender to the sensation and let go of tension, anxiety, and any other negativity you might consciously or unconsciously be hanging on to. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go.

You’ve just glimpsed what it’s like to experience a Four Hands Medley Massage, except the real thing lasts a glorious 90 minutes. It's just one of our new coilection of 14 massage treatments in Glenwood Springs, Colorado at Spa of the Rockies. The therapists are specially trained in this modality and often have a history of working together, a connection that is conveyed through touch to the guest. When therapists are in tune with one another, their motions are like a seamless, mesmerizing dance. Afterwards, in addition to feeling uplifted and refreshed, guests often describe the experience as having had two full-body massages simultaneously.

Because four-handed massage requires the skills of two therapists, it is more expensive than most massages; however, for those looking for the ultimate relaxation treatment, keep this in mind: while two hands are good, four are fabulous!

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