Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Spanning the Generations Stories

Fun Times

Submitted by: Kit Callbeck

Spanning the Generations

My! How the pool made the old drive so worth it. I remember as a young child, before the tunnel before I 70 and sitting in traffic waiting for blasting of the new highway, what is now a 3 hour... Read More

Oh, the Train

Submitted by: kate c.

Spanning the Generations

My grandparents used to bring my brother, cousin and I up to Glenwood every summer via the train. We would get so excited for the train ride and our stay at the Hotel Colorado. We would spend... Read More

How Long Have You Been Married?

Submitted by: Sue Williams

Spanning the Generations

My family has been trekking to Glenwood Springs every year since before I was born. My 82 year old mother remarried a few years ago and they visited Glenwood on their honeymoon. My mother and... Read More

Lost My Diamond

Submitted by: Sue Williams

Spanning the Generations

My famiy has been visiting Glenwood Springs every summer since I was a baby, and now we take our grown children and grandchildren every summer. My son asked me just the other day, "how come we... Read More

Yearly Glenwood Getaway

Submitted by: Ron DiGiorgio

Spanning the Generations

My parents fell in love with Glenwood in the fifties, and they started going at least once a year. After getting married and spending my honeymoon here, we never stopped going as well! We have... Read More

Continuing the Tradition

Submitted by: Julie Miller

Spanning the Generations

When I was a little girl about 4 years old, my family and I moved from Wyoming to Eagle, CO. My parents received a large amount of money from my Great-Grandmother to split between us 4 kids.... Read More

Crawling on the Bottom

Submitted by: Maureen Coffin

Spanning the Generations

In the summer of 1953, my family was at the pool with Starr Yelland and family. My sister, who was three at the time, was in an inner tube in the big pool. My parents where talking with the... Read More

Great Family Memories

Submitted by: C. K. Bell

Spanning the Generations

My dad was a Forest Ranger and my mom a teacher of 12 grades in Colorado in the '30's. In the 50's, as their family of 7 kids, we would camp out for a week for vacation and then get to feel... Read More


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