Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

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Happy Birthday & 4th of July!

Submitted by: Cafcalas Family

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Happy Birthday Glenwood Hot Springs! Happy Birthday America!... Read More

"There is a Naked Man in the Pool!"

Submitted by: Gary Miller

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"There is a naked man in the pool!" Oh no, here we go was Mr. C. He forgot to put on his swim suit...again. I was the Pool Manager for the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool in those days... Read More

Trip Day

Submitted by: Jere Rood

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One of the major events of graduating from Leadville High School was the annual trip for the seniors....all the way to Glenwood for a day at the pool.....of course we thought that the class of... Read More

My Joyous Memories of the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

Submitted by: Janet B. Holley

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I have been fortunate to have a wide variety of fond memories from my time spent at the Hot Springs Pool. During my "stint" as the pool manager from 2/1981-2/1982, I had the pleasure of working... Read More

Meteor Shower Adventure

Submitted by: Jennifer Moore

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Way back when I still lived in Denver (and spent many weekends each year coming over to the pool), I took my 15 yr old son out to see the August meteor shower on a Friday night, after a hectic... Read More

Growing Up Glenwood

Submitted by: Robert Byerley

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My family moved to Rifle in 1976 and I always remember mom and dad would take me and my sister to the Hot Springs Pool every other Friday. I remember dad would launch me and my sister off... Read More

Experience of a Lifetime!

Submitted by: Holly Blanco

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This was our first visit to Colorado and we heard such wonderful things about the springs! What an amazing experience swimming in the middle of winter with snow capped mountains surrounding... Read More

The Sleeping Rooms

Submitted by: Melissa Sphatt

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Before the new hotel was built across the street, my husband and I would stay in the Main Lodge Sleeping Rooms (where the Spa and Athletic club are now)! I remember being able to look right... Read More


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