Group Lesson Levels

These classes are designed to teach children aquatic and personal water safety skills in a logical progression. The recommended minimum age for entry is about 6 months old but is not determined by age alone.   It is determined by a child’s developmental readiness, maturity and experience in the water.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (970) 947-2955 ext 652 or by emailing

If the swimmer has had a previous experience that has caused some fear or anxiety with being in the water, please let the instructor know before the first class. We welcome the opportunity to work with individuals with special needs.

Group Level Descriptions:


This class is the first introduction to aquatics for parents and their children, ages 6 to 18 months. Classes are designed to provide a joyful, loving, child-centered environment featuring songs and activities in a natural progression for the next level, Parent/Tot.


For parents and their children, ages 18 months to 3 years old, this class is designed to deepen the skills and experiences from the Parent/Infant class. Some of the skills at this level are: Water Acclimation, kicking, and basic surface swimming on the front and back.

Pre-School - Swim 101

This level is best as an entry class w/o a parent, ages 4 and 5. The activities in Swim 101 make learning fun through these skill progressions: Flutter Kick, breath control, introduction of back kicking, surface swimming with pop-up style breathing.

Swim 102-103

This level is for children ages 6 and up who have completed level 101. Their motor skills will be refined through a learning style based on their age group. The skills students will learn are:  Freestyle kicking, back kicking, paddle stroke and freestyle without side breathing.

Swim 202-203

For children who have passed the Swim 102-103 level class, the Swim 202-203 class refines the Freestyle adding side breathing and the full backstroke. Instruction will also include the beginning of the breaststroke.