Employee of the Month - February 2020

Our Employee of the Month for February is Doug Cooper (Lodge). His supervisor, Richard Jaskiewicz, says this about Doug: “It is a pleasure to work with Doug Cooper because he is an exceptionally good person.  He is more than willing to jump in and help anyone at any time.  The fact that he was nominated for Employee of the Month by the housekeeping supervisor is a testament to that.  He is much loved by the whole team at the Lodge.


Doug is also a great ambassador for the Resort.  I enjoy watching his interactions with our guests.  I’ve asked him on a few occasions, “Did you know that person?” because it appeared it was an old friend or relative.  Of course it was someone he just met.  That’s just the way Doug is.  He tries to make everyone feel welcomed and is willing to do anything so that our guests have an enjoyable experience.


Doug is a huge asset to the Maintenance Department.  Not only does he do a good and thorough job on assigned tasks but he is always looking for and addressing other issues as they arise.  We are extremely lucky to have someone who has our back the way he does.


Lastly, Doug is always in uniform, name tag on, radio earpiece on.  He is extremely safety conscious and always follows company policy and procedure.  Thank you Doug.  We are lucky to have you!


Here is what Doug has to say: “I enjoy working with Rich, Joel and John in the maintenance department at the lodge.  We have a great team and we have a lot of fun.  To serve as a steward of the preservation of our historic grounds is pretty cool!



Congratulations Doug!