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Nighty Night: Catch Some Zs at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Hit the hay and sleep like a baby; the benefits of a good night’s rest cannot be overstated. Sleep disorders are an epidemic, but with the aid of the geothermal waters at Glenwood Hot Springs

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The Pungent Scent of Healing at Glenwood Hot Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs is famous as the world’s largest hot springs pool, but the Colorado resort is also distinctive for its unusual aroma. Visitors to Glenwood Springs, Colorado can smell the

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Combining the Hot Springs Experience with a Spa Treatment for Better Health

Mineral-rich geothermal water and therapeutic touch therapies are a potent and proven healing duo; integrate both at Glenwood Hot Springs and Spa of the Rockies. Massage and soaking in mineral

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Glenwood Hot Springs Scholarship Rewards Hard-Working Young People

When people are your biggest investment and the foundation of your business, as they are at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving individuals

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How We Keep Our Pool Clean and Safe

Every year, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort hosts thousands of visitors who come to soak, play and relax in its geothermal waters. Here’s how we keep over a million gallons of water in our pools

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Spa Treatments: Good for What Ails You

Spa treatments improve your physical and mental well-being more than you’d think. Going to an award-winning spa like the Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort may feel like an extravagance,

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Hot Springs & Happiness: What’s the Connection?

According to the leading science, after spending time soaking in the geothermal waters, aka hot springs, you’ll feel more content, upbeat and blessed. Put simply, you’ll be happier. It’s time

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Experience a Colorado Resort Spa that is Unpretentious and Small-town Friendly

Recalibrate your lifestyle at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, a destination that welcomes guests to recharge with premium, yet affordable lodging, fitness, wellness

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Good news! The Pool is now OPEN from 9am-9pm!

Athletic Club: Opened to members June 1st
The Lodge: Opened June 5th  Book Now 

Pool reservations are not required. Day admission for the Pool is on a first-come first-serve basis. Learn More

Spa of the Rockies is temporarily closed without a set reopening date.