World Renowned Firm Tasked with Engineering New Aquatics Attractions at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

What does Glenwood Hot Springs Resort have in common with Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Jurassic Park the Ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood or the Chimelong Waterpark in China? They are all thrilling water-themed destinations designed by aquatic engineering firm Cloward H20.

To Glenwood Hot Springs passersby, the work being done at the geothermal resort might not look like much—yet. At the west end of the resort, construction crews are in the process of laying the groundwork and other foundational components for a forthcoming aquatic recreation zone, anticipated to open in summer 2019. Cloward H20, working closely with project partner DHM Design, is designing a one-of-a-kind, Colorado-style whitewater adventure river, along with other water-play elements, to engage a new generation of Glenwood Hot Springs visitors.

“Our new adventure zone with its ride-the-rapids attraction, interactive splash pad and kid’s activity area, is going to transform the Glenwood Hot Springs guest experience. When completed, I predict it is going to be one of the top aquatic recreation destinations in Colorado,” Glenwood Hot Springs Operation Manager Kevin Flohr said. “Right now, the behind-the-scenes focus is on excavation and hydraulics infrastructure.”

A Water Feature Design Dream Team

Imagining and creating dynamic water systems for the ultimate aquatic experience is Cloward H20’s specialty—an engineering niche market. The Provo, Utah-based firm has a global reputation for delivering fantastical water-centric projects including recreational waterparks, resort pools, aquarium habitats and other aqua environments.

Cloward H20’s main goal for the Phase I of the Glenwood Hot Springs project is to create an active and appealing area especially suited to families and children. This “adventure zone” revolves around three differentiated features: the adventure river, a kid’s activity pool and an interactive spray-play splashpad, which doubles as a show fountain after hours or for special events. 

Drafting the Details

Based on experience with similar river features at Atlantis Resorts and others in Asia, Cloward proposed a downhill rapids river experience as Glenwood Hot Springs’ newest visitor attraction. “The rapids river takes advantage of the slope in the North West corner of the property, replacing the mini-golf and 20-year-old fiberglass slides,” Cloward H20 Principal Allen Clawson said. “This is going to be a thrilling and exhilarating experience for a broad range of guests who will be able to ride on either single or double tubes along a waterway with as much as 32,000 gallons per minute of flow—that’s enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool in 15 minutes!”

More subdued, but no less fun, the spray play area is strategically located on the axis of the main pool just behind the diving board and will be prominently visible from the two pools and the viewing deck on pedestrian bridge. The fountain, fitted with specialized nozzles, may be programed for a sequenced water and light show. During the day it will operate on “low mode,” ideal for kids playing in the fountain.  In “show mode” the fountain spray can reach heights of up to 20 feet (6 meters) high, with color-changing effects. The kid’s activity pool is planned with a shallow wading section, including zero-depth entry and spray nozzles at the edge, three small slides for the little ones and a deeper waterfall pool with interactive elements. Being at the far west end of the pool area also has the advantage of consolidating the high-energy play areas away from the Therapy Pool, a splash-free soaking zone.

About Cloward H20

Founded in 1977, Cloward H20 is acknowledged as the global leader in design and engineering of innovative aquatic environments. The firm provides a full scope of services, including planning, water circulation and treatment, hydraulic design and modeling, aquatic life support design, structural engineering and power and controls engineering.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resorts’ new aquatic adventure zone is slated to open in the summer of 2019. For more information about Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and to make vacation plans, please visit www.hotspringspool.com.