Winter Spa Packages to Kick the Blahs

Winter Spa Packages to Kick the Blahs

Feeling down? Know the signs and symptoms of mild seasonal depression. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort offers tips to beat the winter blues.

For many people, winter is a season to simply endure—long, cold and miserable with little to do until spring. Seasonal depression can range from completely debilitating to mildly draining. While only six percent of the U.S. population is crippled by full-blown Season Affective Disorder (SAD), a mood malady characterized by insomnia, exhaustion, lethargy and irritability, a full 20 percent feel bluer from November through March.

Pay Attention to Symptoms and Take Steps for Self-Care

The reason has to do with the fact that the days are darker and shorter in the winter. Temperatures drive us indoors, where we get less exercise, if any at all. There’s also the tendency to withdraw from friends, family and social occasions, which can embolden feelings of disconnection and loneliness.

If you or a loved one finds winter a burden, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort encourages you to actively seek a remedy, whether that’s consulting a professional counselor or engaging in SAD light therapy, a common treatment for the disorder. For milder forms of depression, just making plans and having something to look forward can be enough to buoy your outlook.

A Mood Elevating Getaway to Beat the Winter Blahs

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is an ideal winter destination for people who want to feel better, especially in the winter. The outdoor pools, which are 93°F and 104°F, are soothing and comfortable even on the coldest days, making it easy to get a healthy dose of natural sunshine—a known mood booster. Because the pools are so big—the world’s largest—squeezing in a little exercise by aqua-walking or swimming laps is doable without overexertion. The healing minerals in the geothermal water, combined with the heat, add to the therapeutic effect.

Another common remedy for mild seasonal depression is massage therapy, which strengthens the mind-body connection and provides a safe and nurturing place for individuals to relax, refocus and find clarity. Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs offers a full spa menu of options, including spa packages which bundle holistic treatments and can span several hours. These provide deeply satisfying results that increase positive feelings such as self-worth, a hopeful outlook and a sense of peace.

Spa of the Rockies Packages Aim to Enhance Wellbeing

In addition to the treatments and services, all Spa of the Rockies packages include access to the Athletic Club and admission to Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. For a mid-winter pick-me-up weekend that is focused on health and wellness, book a multi-day stay at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge. You’ll be able to soak daily until 10 p.m., walk to the spa and get a restful night’s sleep all without leaving the property.


Spa Packages to Try Include:


Native Awakening: Inspired by Native American culture and purification ceremonies

Walk in the Woods: Connect with nature though aromatherapy and the use of natural materials

Wellness Warrior: Botanicals and earthy elements promote emotional connection and mental focus

Adventurer: An all-day wellness experience

Big Medicine: Another indigenous-inspired treatment using hemp, mud, probiotics and infrared therapy

Prospector: A 90-minute comprehensive treatment with your choice of options

Free Spirit: Get back in the flow and regain your positive outlook with this two-hour treatment

Mountain Man Renewal: Designed especially for men to reduce stress and renew vigor

Dreamcatcher: Restore emotional and physical balance with this treatment that incorporates mindfulness


Seasonal mood disorders are real and affect many. Embrace wellness and healing. Boost your mood at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort this winter!



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