Guys, These Spa Treatments are for You

Yes, manly men go to the spa too. In fact, Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs offers treatments designed specifically for guys.

It seems more and more men are open-minded about going to spas for services that range from massage and facials to nails and grooming. According to the International Spa Association’s Consumer Snapshot, a surprising 49 percent of spa customers are men, a dramatic increase from 29 percent in 2005.

More men using spa services

“Urban areas tend to see more male clients,” Spa of the Rockies Director Holleigh Alexander-Ramsey said. “In the mountains of Colorado where we’re located, our guys are likely to be sports-oriented or seeking to share a spa experience with their partner as part of couple’s getaway. We’ve also seen an uptick in more men becoming interested in skin care and grooming.”

The award-winning Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort recently updated its offerings. The expansive spa menu includes massage, facials, body treatments and nail services, along with signature experiences and packages, many with a strong emphasis on indigenous-inspired rituals. While guests of either gender can select services a la carte, packages are a popular choice, especially among men. “Guys like going to the spa as much as anyone else,” Alexander-Ramsey said, “They just don’t want to work that hard to figure out what they want. That’s where our packages make it easy, especially for men.”

Spa Packages for Men with a Colorado Twist

The Prospector

The area around Glenwood Springs is known for its mining history—everything from coal to silver ore. Even back then, men rewarded themselves after hard work and long hours of physical and mental labor by relaxing and soaking in geothermal water at Glenwood Hot Springs. With the Prospector package, the modern man can still enjoy a long, hot, mineral-rich soak in a private soaking tub at the Spa of the Rockies. Additionally, guys can choose from one of three 30-minute massages—an Aroma-Wellness, a Revitalizing Reflexology or a Power Nap—plus a 30-minute Cold-Pressed Botanical Radiance facial and a 30-minute Wellness Soak.

Big Medicine

To Native Americans, “medicine” means a power that heals. Medicine can be found in a plant, a tea or a sacred song. The nomadic Ute Indians who frequented the area named the hot springs “Yampah,” a word that translates to “Big Medicine” for its therapeutic benefits to cure all manner of ailments. Experience Big Medicine in this Spa of the Rockies ritual ceremony that includes a 90-minute Hemp Intensive Therapy Massage, a 15-minute Moor Mud Pack, a choice of one of the following facials—Advanced Multi-Active or Kombucha Probiotic Replenishing; and a 30-minute Infrared Therapy body treatment.

Mountain Man Renewal

Known for their sense of adventure, Colorado’s mountain men were tough as nails, rough and ready for anything that came along. Their love of the outdoors propelled them to explore the West’s uncharted territory. Spa of the Rockies Mountain Man Renewal package is a 90-minute journey tailored to the guy who strives to always be his best whether he’s playing hard outdoors or working hard in the office. It includes one of the following 90-minute massages—Peak Performance, Magnesium Wellness or Salt Stone Renewal; plus a choice of one of three 15-minute enhancements—Solitude, Moor Mud Pack or an Exfoliating Back Treatment, and a 30-minute Wellness Soak.

“Guys are starting to realize what women have long known, spa treatments like the ones offered at the Spa of the Rockies, are much more than skin deep,” Alexander-Ramsey said. “They offer real healing benefits and improve quality of life.”

Guys, don’t be shy. Make your appointment at Spa of the Rockies today. Visit us online or call 877-947-3331.

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