Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

3 Tired Snowboarders Stumble Upon the Springs

My friends and I have been coming out to Colorado to snowboard every spring break since high school. We all are from South Bend, IN. Now in college, Indiana University and Purdue, money is tight. This year we took a trip out west and brought a cargo trailer to sleep in. Our ski trip consisted of Snowmass, A-Basin, and Jackson Hole.

After two days of driving, we arrived in Glenwood Springs. Our first stop was Snowmass. We are not bums, just really broke college kids who love to snowboard at awesome places. After riding at Snowmass all day, falling down on black diamonds and experiencing our first powder runs, we were all exhausted. We had not showered in two days and after a day of riding, we were quite sore and stinky. Our next stop was A-Basin. We were ready to head east of I-76, when we noticed this enormous pool.

We had always heard about hot springs in the area, so it did not first sink in what we were looking at. Then it dawned on us that this was a giant hot spring! I had been so happy to be in Colorado and snowboard, but now my happiness reached a level previously unknown. It felt amazing to relax in the hot springs. It massaged my sore legs and bruised body. My friends and I were speechless. Relaxing in a hot pool, starring at snow capped mountains, it was unbelievable. It was as if we stumbled upon a treasure chest.

The next day after riding at A-Basin, we drove back (1 hr. 30) to the hot springs because we knew how amazing it would feel. Anytime I am in the area, I will stop the hot springs. The staff is also super friendly. It is a great place.

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