Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Down Memory Lane

I have terminal cancer. My husband and I did a lot of reading of the therapy, natural therapy and about everything you could imagine - the pools and the original medicinal pool, located right by the pool (many don't even know this is there).  This is the original medicinal pool, not lowered temps and original of what comes naturally from the ground. I have drank out of this, and swam in the pools as much as we can afford to go. We save our pennies, as we do not have a lot of funds, and my husband was laid off shortly after we received the news that I had terminal cancer and only had 3-6 months. We have since lost our home, had to sell our vehicle as well to be able to afford my care. We would just love to celebrate the 125th year with Glenwood.

We have found out that money is not everything, but each day is something special and we are greatful for each day I am granted! We set out to find everything we can do to fight for me to have longer mobility and more time here to make more moments into memories. I am here still, over 1 year past when the Doctors told my husband and I that I would be gone. I'm 38 years old and though I have days that are not all that great, I am still alive and I will still continue to make MOMENTS to MEMORIES. I would love to make a trip back to Glenwood, it has been a bit as we are financially struggling with the cost of my medical care. The natural therapy of the amazing pools would be a blessing!

Back when I was just a little girl, we were coming back to Glenwood Springs year after year! I broke my nose at the Hotel Colorado after diving into the pool all day as a child...had a dream I was diving still...that really hurt. I can remember that, though I do have to say, I DID go SWIMMING the next day again. I could never get enough of the pool! But truly what this is about is that the fact it went from being so much fun and full of energy and jumping into the pool, playing and having a blast, we still do that, though these days we visit Glenwood as much as we possibly can because of the therapy end of the natural springs.

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