Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Wonderful Family Memories

I was born and raised in Denver, and not having too much extra money for things, this was my favorite vacation place to come.

We'd all gather into the station wagon and head to the hills for a couple of days. My sister and I were "little fishes." We LOVED the pool. To this day - 58 years later - it is my FAVORITE place to relax!!

We were there when they had the metal slide by the Athletics entrance. I thought it was so high - but it only had about 6 stairs - so probably not. My dad would always be in the water to catch me.

My sister and I probably slept really well on the night we were at the pool.

I go to Glenwood a couple of times a year now and I still get that warm, fuzzy feeling every time I'm there. It brings back wonderful memories. I hate to leave!!!

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