Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

A Healing Perspective

I wish I could share more than 1 story and 1 picture as we have many. Every Thanksgiving it is a tradition that my family comes to Glenwood for a mini vacation. We have since started coming more often for other reasons too. This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2011, and we were delighted that it snowed this particular Saturday. Aside from just a great weekend getaway from the rhetoric, Glenwood has helped heal me personally in more ways than 1. Last year, I battled Ovarian Cancer and it was a very hard time in my life. We came to Glenwood about once a month during my treatments as it really helped my aching body. The pool help me physically, but it also helped me emotionally too as I was able to gain strength and courage to face the public with a bald head and dilapidated body. There is a tree, a very large tree that grows outside the pool near the hotel that has been come to be known as "my tree" at my house. When I felt my worse, when I thought there wasn't hope, I would lay on my back, float and watch as if the tree was rocking me. I have dozens of pictures of this tree and a small part of me is grateful for the cancer. It put a lot of things into perspective. Hair doesn't mean anything. The tree lost all it's hair every year and with the hope of a new season, it comes back. My hair too is now growing back and am thankful for the therapy that I received from the pool, the tree and the people in Glenwood. These 2 little bugs in the pool are amazing creatures! They have grown up learning to swim here, learning to dive here and learning how great family traditions can be! Thanks Glenwood... see you this weekend!!

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