Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Bringing Babies & Toddlers to the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

A day at the pool... is it going to be tranquil or terrible? Relax. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is famous for welcoming kids, even the littlest ones. Here are our top tips for a terrific, tantrum-free day.

  • Shade. The best sunblock is a shady spot. Glenwood Hot Springs  has multiple locations for shade including under mature trees, beneath the pergolas on the terraced deck, and in the lee of the bathhouse, Athletic Club, and Spa of the Rockies buildings.
  • Kiddy Pool. A gentle fountain in the middle of the springs simultaneously entertains and keeps kids cool.
  • Sunblock. Use sunscreen with a high SPF, ideally one designed for babies.  Apply it often and liberally.
  • Swim diapers. These are a must. Unlike regular nappies, swim diapers provide containment yet don’t swell up in the water.
  • Swim accessories. Water wings, life jackets, and floats give parents peace of mind, though you’ll still need to keep an eye on young children at all times, even with a lifeguard present.
  • Snacks & drinks. Pack plenty of water and your child’s favorite snacks to stay hydrated and prevent mid-day meltdowns. Ice cream cones with Flavorbursts™ from the Snack Bar make for a special treat.
  • A hat. Sun safety for wee ones includes wearing a hat; choose one with a brim that can be tied under the chin.
  • A watchful eye. Glenwood Hot Springs lifeguards are safety and lifesaving professionals; even so, always keep a close watch on your child, especially near the water.
  • A good attitude. With babies and toddlers in tow, the best planned days can go awry in no time. Along with everything else, be sure to pack your sense of humor.

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