Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

6 Steps to Creating a European Spa Experience at Glenwood Hot Springs

In Europe and in Germany in particular, residents partake of doctor prescribed “kurs,” or cures. Once a kur has been approved, patients go to a “kurort”, a mineral springs resort, for holistic wellness treatments. The experience includes hydrotherapy, exercise and nutrition. Here’s how to create a custom kur stateside at Glenwood Hot Springs.

  1. Stay. The rooms at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge are soothingly spa-themed and within close proximity to the mineral hot springs pool.
  2. Eat. Start the day with protein-rich eggs or opt for a bowl of piping hot steel-cut oats served with fresh in-season fruit. If staying at the Lodge, breakfast at the Grill is included.
  3. Exercise. Swim laps in the pool, take a fitness class at the Athletic Club or go for a brisk walk. Some recommended excursions include hiking up Red Mountain or strolling along one of Glenwood’s riverside trails.
  4. Soak. Allow the 15 naturally-occurring dissolved minerals contained in the water to work their magic. During soaking, minerals are absorbed into the skin and are also inhaled through the vapor. Each mineral possesses specific healing properties.
  5. Drink. Bring along a cup and sip some water from the drinking spring. Although healthful, this is an acquired taste.
  6. Massage. Therapists at the Spa of the Rockies are trained in a variety of modalities. Need a high altitude adjustment? Lymphatic drainage?  Deep tissue work? A professional-quality massage will detoxify and rejuvenate the body.

Fun fact: The word “spa” is actually a Latin acronym for sanus per aquam, which translates to mean health by water. 

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