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Guard on Duty: The Many Perks of Swimming Lessons

  • Learn to swim: Swimming is an important life skill that children should learn early on. Not only is swimming great for their health, but it could one day save their life too.
  • Health and fitness: Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise as it works every muscle group in the body without putting stress on bones and joints. As an added bonus it burns pent up energy in a safe environment and lays the groundwork for leading an active lifestyle.
  • Social skills: Swimming classes are held in groups of children of a similar age and ability. Your child will be able to mix with children outside of school and learn valuable social skills.
  • Safety: Learning to swim is important to ensure your child is safe around water. There are countless situations when your child might come into contact with water, and unless they learn to swim they will be in danger in these situations.
  • Sign up for private or group swim lessons now: It’s not too early to sign up for swim lessons. Group lessons begin in May, and private lessons can be scheduled at any time. Glenwood Hot Springs lifeguards are ready to teach you and your children everything you need to know about water safety, swimming skills and stroke technique.

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