Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Favorite Place in the WORLD!!

My dad first brought us to Glenwood Springs in 1966 when I was 5. I'm the little one on the right. From that point on it was in my blood. We would make 2-3 trips a year from Denver thoughout my childhood.

Usually the 1st trip would be Mother's Day; over the pass we would go!!! My mom didn't like that part of the trip but she always said it was worth it once we were there. I learned to swim and dive there. We were overjoyed when the Eisenhower tunnel opened in 1973 and we could get there faster!! YEAH! What I wanted to do when I grew up was own a motel in Glenwood Springs. My dad & mom would let me take a friend and still, to this day, they say "remember what fun we would have when we went to Glenwood with you."

I have continued my quests to Glenwood Springs throughout my adulthood now. My husband and I were married in Veltus Park in 1993. When we lived in Denver, we would come up for our anniversary each year. In 2003 we moved to Iowa and try to make it every other year.

Sure miss our yearly trips. When I get stressed out, I lay back on the floor and imagine I am floating in the pool, listening to people playing in the water, smelling the sulphur (which I love the smell of because of the pool). I play the lotto hoping someday to win so we can move to Glenwood Springs...

Glenwood Springs has given me my most precious memories in life. I am now 52 and still in love with Glenwood Springs: MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!! Thanks for the memories and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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