Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Grandkids Know the Best Places!

My son learned how to swim at the Hot Springs Pool during my first summer in Colorado (1976) before he was 3, so naturally he brought his kids to the pool starting at age 9 months. One March my son and his wife wanted to ski in Vail, so I met them early on a Sat. morning at the Denny's in Avon to take the kids for the day while they skiied. They planned to take them to the pool in the late afternoon, and spend the night at my place here in Glenwood. (They live in Longmont, CO)

As I arrived at the Denny's, there was my not-yet 3-years-old grand daughter, Sarah, sitting in the highchair with her swim suit in one hand, and her sunglasses in the other hand, not eating a thing. All she would say was, "POOL!"

All the way to Glenwood after their breakfast, I had a plea from both Sarah and her brother Mitchell (4 years old) resonating out of the back seat, "POOL!". "No, no", I'd say, "we're going to the park today, and we'll go to the pool later when Mommie and Daddy get here..." "No, pool!" persisted from the back seat. Finally I gave in and took them to the pool that morning, and we shared some special "Grandma time" together that was a total joy. I always joke that the grand kids come for the pool, and I'm just a side-interest during their visits to Glenwood.

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