Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

The Springs Gave Me Life

If the Glenwood Hot Springs did not exist neither would my father or I. Three generations of my family are forever grateful because of the healing properties of the hot springs. A very famous trip by US President Teddy Roosevelt and his decision to make the Hot Spring the Naval healing and rehabilitation center for military during WWII is how my family came to hold the hot springs near and dear. My father, John C Doll, was born on Easter Sunday, April 9th, 1944 in the Glenwood Springs Hotel that was set up as a temporary hospital. What makes the hot springs the spring that gave life is John was born premature and would have never survived had the military hospital not been there. The nurses placed him in a shoe box and fed him goats milk until he was big enough and strong enough to return home with his mom, Margaret Doll, to Gypsum, Colorado. Our family now lives in California, but whenever we make it back to the area we always stop in and stay at the hot springs. It truly is a place that gives life and I will be forever grateful!

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