January 14th, 2015

Spa of the Rockies Foot Ritual: A Ceremony Steeped in History

Aside from being a  complimentary treatment included with every Spa of the Rockies service that is 90 minutes or longer, the spa’s foot ritual is a ceremony you’ll look forward to time and again.

The washing of feet is a ritual rooted in history and one that dates back to biblical times. In ancient civilizations it was traditional to wash the feet of visitors arriving at one’s home after a long journey. The custom was an expression of welcome and hospitality. In many cultures around the world foot baths are still used to clear negative energy, stress and anxiety and symbolize leaving the outside world behind.

Spa of the Rockies embraces this simple, yet powerful ritual that has endured the test of time. The spa staff harvests the mineral-rich healing waters directly from the thermal spring on property. The warm mineral water is then combined with Turkish salts that contain essences of eucalyptus. Basil and lavender are used to exfoliate rough skin; Neroli water from the bitter orange flower is misted over the feet, then a balm of pine and rosemary is applied to seal in moisture. During the ritual, the body through the feet, absorbs the healing benefits of 60 minerals delivered through a combination of the spring water and the bath salts.

Beginning a spa treatment with a warming foot ritual is both purifying and relaxing. Other benefits include drawing out toxins and moisturizing the skin. Foot rituals are also known to encourage restful sleep, increase circulation throughout the body and relieve foot pain.

The complimentary foot ritual is included with all Spa of the Rockies Signature Experiences and with treatments of 90 minutes or more. The foot ritual can be enjoyed on its own or be added on to other spa treatments for just $25.

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