September 10th, 2014

Health and Beauty Tip: Spring Clean Your Beauty Products

Take a few minutes to purge expired cosmetic products that may no longer be effective or safe. What exactly should you toss? Spa of the Rockies estheticians recommend throwing away anything that has expired. This is easier said than done, however, as many U.S. manufacturers are not required to label cosmetic products with expiration dates. Some, but not all, natural cosmetics manufacturers will list a “use-by” date on their products or website. If no expiration or use-by date appears, these guidelines can help identify if a product is past its prime.

  • Throw it away if the product smells like a moldy wet towel.
  • Another telltale aromatic is the smell of rancid oil. Products that contain oil can “go bad” especially if stored in a warm bathroom. If your product smells like cooking oil that’s been hanging around too long, it’s time to pitch it.
  • Use the new season rule. If you purchased a product to combat cold dry winter weather, it won’t be what your skin needs for the warm and sunny spring and summer months. For example, when you purchase your lighter moisturizer, throw out the heavier winter one. It will be expired by next winter anyway. Remember that when the seasons change so does your skin. 

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