Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Guard on Duty: Soak In Relaxation & Health Benefits

Warm water in the fall and winter doesn’t just feel good; it actually is good for us. After the fall leaves drop and the winter snow flurries start, a warm soak in the hot springs pool provides a welcome refuge from the cold. But soaking is more than a simple feel-good activity; it also has significant health benefits including:

  • Boosting circulation
  • Reducing stress
  • Promoting sleep
  • Relieving pain naturally
  • Promoting detoxification

Healing benefits have been attributed to the many minerals dissolved in the water. For example, sulfur is said to relieve nasal congestion, calcium and sodium bicarbonate enhance circulation, while salt water is supposed to improve digestion. A number of studies have suggested that soaking in a hot mineral spring can even lessen the pain of arthritis. So while the warm water feels fantastic, it’s also improving your health. Our lifeguards recommend soaking in the Therapy Pool for 15-minute intervals and drinking plenty of fresh water. Also, if you ever feel dizzy or light-headed while at the pool, please ask for assistance.

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