Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Guard on Duty: Prepare For Cold Weather at the Pool

We’ve had a beautiful fall and early winter, with unseasonably warm temperatures, but we all know that winter is on the way. When it arrives, use these tips to stay safe and comfortable all winter long.

  • Swim caps or hats – Keep your head covered and warm with a swim cap if you’re planning to submerge; a hat is fine if you’re not going under.
  • Good company – It’s nice to share the pleasures of winter swimming with companions, and it also makes sense from a safety point of view. Bring a friend or make new ones!
  • Shoes or sandals – The cold air can be exhilarating, but walking back and forth between the locker room and the pool in bare feet on the chilly decking can be a bit too much for tender feet. Protect them with a pair of sandals or shoes.
  • Hydration – Even if it’s cold outside, your body needs hydration. Drinking plenty of water prior to your swim and during your visit will promote an optimal wintertime experience at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.  

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