September 10th, 2014

Fit by Summer: Tips from the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club

Sweat it out now to look and feel great once swimsuit season arrives. Check out these fitness tips from the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club.

  • Set realistic goals. You're not going to skim off 10 pounds in a week, so just forget about it. Try for something more achievable. For example, increase your workout schedule from two to three days a week, or add 15 minutes to each workout.
  • Don't push yourself too hard. Learn your limits and know when you've reached them. If you’re too tired or too sore from a workout, you’ll be less motivated to do it again.
  • Mix it up. Try cross-training to keep your workouts interesting and to exercise different muscle groups. Switch from the elliptical to the stair climber or alternate between machines and free weights, but don't reinvent your entire routine every week; just shift it around a little.
  • Be social. Meet a buddy for a weekly racquetball game, join a new fitness class, take turns spotting a friend in the weight room. Personal connections help you stay engaged and have fun.
  • Make it work for you. Schedule workouts when they are convenient for you. Take a spin class first thing in the morning, swim laps at lunch, pump iron after work, or relax with yoga in the evening.

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