Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Pool ClosuresSpa & Club OpenMarch 7th

February Shop Coupon: Lynne’s Choice

Lynne, an associate at The Shop, has chosen her favorite line of clothing to spotlight. The brand, Parsley & Sage Apparel, has a 20 percent off retail discount this month. Lynne likes Parsley & Sage because of their contemporary vibe, comfort level, and vibrant colors, plus their long-lasting wear. Look for “Lynne’s Choice” on Parsley & Sage Apparel clothing this month. To redeem, bring in the Parsley & Sage coupon available to download here.

About Lynne: Lynne moved to the valley in 2015 from California. She worked as a real estate agent and general contractor before moving to the valley from California in 2015. She loves to travel, read, walk her dog and is a fan of British movies and Mexican food. Lynne likes working at The Shop because it's fun, fast paced and everyone is full of energy. She loves helping people and enjoys working with her Shop team.

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