Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

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Employee of the Month

Congratulations to fitness instructor, Patti Sundermann, our employee of the month. “Patti’s Midwestern friendliness comes through in any environment where she happens to be,” said her manager Mark Volf. “In addition to teaching her own classes, she is available to substitute when the need arises.” Volf added that her core values including her personal code of conduct, attendance, punctuality, positive attitude and caring nature make her a tremendous asset to the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club team.


“Everyone in the Club and community has welcomed me with open arms and I am so happy to have chosen Glenwood as my new home.  It is great to be a part of the fantastic team of instructors at the Club who care about their clients so much.  Thank you for the opportunity to work here and be a part of such a great group of people!” said Patti, who relocated, with her husband, from Iowa to Glenwood Springs in 2013.

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