Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Employee of the Month

This month we have two employees of the month. Congratulations to Erika Diemoz, who works in the Snack Bar, and Benjamin Hebert, a lifeguard team leader. 

Considered by most of her peers to have the best customer service skills in the food and beverage department, Erika is friendly, shows a genuine concern for the guests, upsells, and is accurate. “Erika takes every aspect of her job seriously and stays productive throughout her shift,” her manager Dana Snyder said. “She has worked in the Snack Bar for four years and has never missed a shift or been late. Erika has been mentioned numerous times in guest surveys and recently received a perfect score by a secret shopper.”

Benjamin is a team leader for the lifeguard staff. “Ben quickly became a stellar performer,” his manager Steve Matzl said. “Ben spent four years in the US Coast Guard and is using his experience, know-how, and drive to become a veterinarian. Ben is currently enrolled at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction and plans to pursue his master’s in veterinary science at Colorado State University. Ben is a truly outstanding performer and leader.” 

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