Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Stay at Glenwood Hot Springs and Bypass Construction Traffic by Walking and Biking

Getting around Glenwood Springs has never been easier (really), especially if you’re a guest at Glenwood Hot Springs.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado is undergoing a major renovation – you may have heard about it on the Denver nightly news. The replacement of the Grand Avenue Bridge is the largest construction project on the Western Slope of Colorado in over 25 years, and boy is it exciting!

An advantage for visitors staying at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge or visiting the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is there is virtually zero impact. Glenwood’s main off-ramp, Exit 116, remains conveniently open for anyone visiting the Colorado hot springs resort.

Parking is also a cinch. For Lodge guests, it’s close-in and free. For pool guests, parking is also free with Hot Springs Hopper shuttle buses making continuous loops from the parking-lot to the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool until closing time.

Another perk for Glenwood Hot Springs guests is getting around greater Glenwood Springs couldn’t be simpler. The new pedestrian bridge that connects the resort with downtown is practically on the property, skirting just around the mini-golf course, now closed for the season.

The pedestrian bridge is your link to exploring all of Glenwood’s amenities either by foot or by bike. Stroll to restaurants and shops or connect to the town’s network of paved cycling trails including the Rio Grande trail that joins towns from Glenwood Springs to Aspen.

To explore nature, our biking package enables guests to pedal Glenwood Canyon via the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path. Nearby Canyon Bikes rents cycles and even offers shuttle trips, for guests who would rather exert themselves one-way only. 

As for the construction, see it all happening in real-time. Every day the pedestrian bridge is lined with curious, picture-snapping onlookers watching as crews skillfully maneuver heavy equipment to build a spectacular new vehicular bridge over the Colorado River.

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