Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

"There is a Naked Man in the Pool!"

"There is a naked man in the pool!" Oh no, here we go was Mr. C. He forgot to put on his swim suit...again. I was the Pool Manager for the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool in those days (1971 to 1981), so it was my "job" to tell Mr. C. he didn't have his swim suit on. He always thought he had it on! I had to convince him to wrap a towel around himself, and then we would proceed to find his swim suit. Well, this became a common occurrence with Mr. C., so I asked Mrs. C. to drop him off with his swim suit on (I didn't explain). Problem solved. Mr. C. was a grand local citizen who was up in years, but he never forgot his love of the Hot Springs. What a nice man...what a great job.

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