Glenwood Lights

Submitted by: Jan Marie Smith

Spanning the Generations

Salida , CO

I worked as a lifeguard at the springs in the early 80's. That was a wonderful time. I was a student at CMC and was skiing Aspen Highlands for $10 a day!

In the mid-eighties my family started spending holidays at Glenwood Spgs. My mom and dad would come up from Denver, my sister from Boulder and I would take the train from Granby.

There is nothing like getting off the train on a snowy afternoon with baggage in hand and walking to the Hotel Colorado or Hot Springs Lodge with the quiet and lights of Glenwood in the dusky horizon.

I am still a lifeguard/swim teacher (I was just there certifying some swim teachers :) and the first place I took my 11 yr. old son swimming as a baby guessed it! Glenwood..ahhhhhh

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