Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Patron's Stories


Submitted by: Betsy Hawkins

Life-Changing Events

On our honeymoon, in 1971, I wore no sunscreen, and our day at the pool resulted in the absolute WORST sunburn I ever had. The resulting blisters became a gazillion freckles, most of them on... Read More

My Mom & I

Submitted by: Jennifer Piotrowski

Personal Bests

For 41 years, my mom & I would go up to Glenwood Springs for a weekend, a week, or even a month. My mom is from Poland, and Glenwood Springs was one of the 1st cities she visited when her... Read More

Childhood Memories

Submitted by: S. Haas

Personal Bests

I remember being a kid in the 70's going to Glenwood Springs for long weekends with my parents. We lived near Denver at the time. I love being in the water, pools and waterparks and my time... Read More

The Very Beginning

Submitted by: Clarence and Donna Kissler

Life-Changing Events

On December 30th, 1956 two very young and very broke college students decided to get married. We took our wedding money and drove up to Glenwood Hot Springs for our honeymoon. We got a room right... Read More

The Reward for Having Homework Done


Healing Stories

I was a young, single mother of two lovely children and we had moved to Glenwood Springs to get away from the city and its problems. Glenwood Hot Springs has healed over 4 generations of my family... Read More

Down Memory Lane

Submitted by: Kerry Murray

Healing Stories

I have terminal cancer. My husband and I did a lot of reading of the therapy, natural therapy and about everything you could imagine - the pools and the original medicinal pool, located right... Read More

Warm and Inviting

Submitted by: Olen Harston

Healing Stories

My wife brought me up to Glenwood Hot Springs for a relaxing birthday weekend. We really enjoyed the pools (warm and relaxing), the views (sun and beautiful snow capped mountains), the food... Read More

Peaceful Family Event

Submitted by: Kelly Mundine

Life-Changing Events

We had an amazing visit. So scenic & peaceful. Thank you for preserving this CO landmark :)... Read More


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