Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Patron's Stories

From a Toddler to a Marriage Proposal

Submitted by: Dennis "Dink" Bolitho

Life-Changing Events

I always tell people that I grew up at the Hot Springs Pool. My Dad, Skip Bolitho, was the Area Red Cross Chapter Director, and he taught swimming lessons there for many years. As a toddler... Read More

Through the Fog

Submitted by: Joan Wolfe

Personal Bests

After retirement, my parents spent 7 months each year swimming daily at the Hot Springs Pool to improve their arthritic joints and attitudes. They met so many wonderful, interesting people who... Read More

Lights Out

Submitted by: Kristina Sacco

Personal Bests

During the 90's, my best friend and I would go to the pool at night. We had a pool pass and frequently walked to the pool and home again. One evening I was jumping into the pool from the diving... Read More

How Long Have You Been Married?

Submitted by: Sue Williams

Spanning the Generations

My family has been trekking to Glenwood Springs every year since before I was born. My 82 year old mother remarried a few years ago and they visited Glenwood on their honeymoon. My mother and... Read More

Lost My Diamond

Submitted by: Sue Williams

Spanning the Generations

My famiy has been visiting Glenwood Springs every summer since I was a baby, and now we take our grown children and grandchildren every summer. My son asked me just the other day, "how come we... Read More

Deep End

Submitted by: Chris Morse

Personal Bests

I learned how to swim in this big pool. I swam from the shallow end (Mineral Water Hot) to the deep end when there was a fountain. I will never forget this pool!... Read More

Yearly Glenwood Getaway

Submitted by: Ron DiGiorgio

Spanning the Generations

My parents fell in love with Glenwood in the fifties, and they started going at least once a year. After getting married and spending my honeymoon here, we never stopped going as well! We have... Read More

3 Tired Snowboarders Stumble Upon the Springs

Submitted by: Clark Richardes

Healing Stories

My friends and I have been coming out to Colorado to snowboard every spring break since high school. We all are from South Bend, IN. Now in college, Indiana University and Purdue, money is tight.... Read More


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