Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Patron's Stories

The Springs Gave Me Life

Submitted by: Laura Gregg

Healing Stories

If the Glenwood Hot Springs did not exist neither would my father or I. Three generations of my family are forever grateful because of the healing properties of the hot springs. A very famous... Read More

No Place to Heal Like Glenwood Hot Springs

Submitted by: Lance and Lolly Light

Spanning the Generations

Glenwood has been a favortie of my parents, mine, and now my kid's and in-laws. We visit yearly or lucky to live in Colorado. I always recommend it to any visitors. We honeymooned in... Read More

Where Do I Begin...

Submitted by: Nora Parrish

Spanning the Generations

I learned to swim in the Hot Springs Pool before I learned to walk. My grandparents were regulars at the pool, and took my father, who in turn took us kids - and when the opportunity had arose... Read More

My 'A-ha!' Moment

Submitted by: Celia

Life-Changing Events

We were living in Pennsylvania but visiting family here in Glenwood Springs. We were floating around in the hot springs looking at the stars twinkle, and at that moment decided that we needed... Read More

Fun Times

Submitted by: Kit Callbeck

Spanning the Generations

My! How the pool made the old drive so worth it. I remember as a young child, before the tunnel before I 70 and sitting in traffic waiting for blasting of the new highway, what is now a 3 hour... Read More

Oh, the Train

Submitted by: kate c.

Spanning the Generations

My grandparents used to bring my brother, cousin and I up to Glenwood every summer via the train. We would get so excited for the train ride and our stay at the Hotel Colorado. We would spend... Read More

Experience of a Lifetime!

Submitted by: Holly Blanco

Personal Bests

This was our first visit to Colorado and we heard such wonderful things about the springs! What an amazing experience swimming in the middle of winter with snow capped mountains surrounding... Read More

The Sleeping Rooms

Submitted by: Melissa Sphatt

Personal Bests

Before the new hotel was built across the street, my husband and I would stay in the Main Lodge Sleeping Rooms (where the Spa and Athletic club are now)! I remember being able to look right... Read More


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