Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

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Life-Changing Events Stories

A Boost at a Sad Time

Submitted by: Joan Troth

Life-Changing Events

In 1978, my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer so I went to Glenwood Springs during Christmas break to be with him and my mom. On New Years Eve, my husband Lyle took our two children to the pool... Read More

My 'A-ha!' Moment

Submitted by: Celia

Life-Changing Events

We were living in Pennsylvania but visiting family here in Glenwood Springs. We were floating around in the hot springs looking at the stars twinkle, and at that moment decided that we needed... Read More

From a Toddler to a Marriage Proposal

Submitted by: Dennis "Dink" Bolitho

Life-Changing Events

I always tell people that I grew up at the Hot Springs Pool. My Dad, Skip Bolitho, was the Area Red Cross Chapter Director, and he taught swimming lessons there for many years. As a toddler... Read More


Submitted by: Betsy Hawkins

Life-Changing Events

On our honeymoon, in 1971, I wore no sunscreen, and our day at the pool resulted in the absolute WORST sunburn I ever had. The resulting blisters became a gazillion freckles, most of them on... Read More

The Very Beginning

Submitted by: Clarence and Donna Kissler

Life-Changing Events

On December 30th, 1956 two very young and very broke college students decided to get married. We took our wedding money and drove up to Glenwood Hot Springs for our honeymoon. We got a room right... Read More

Peaceful Family Event

Submitted by: Kelly Mundine

Life-Changing Events

We had an amazing visit. So scenic & peaceful. Thank you for preserving this CO landmark :)... Read More

I Offered Her a Quarter for the Bubble Chair

Submitted by: Brian Hulyk

Life-Changing Events

It was a rather cool summer evening on June 12th, 1983. The steam from the pool made it feel like you were in the middle of a dense cloud. A slight breeze would occasionally move the fog enough... Read More


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